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Junk Monkey GLOSSY FINISH Banana Peel Polyacrylic Sealer

Banana Peel Polyacrylic GLOSSY Finish Sealer. Dries hard & clear.

For your painted pieces that need a little extra protection! We are talking cabinets, table tops, dressers and anything else that is considered high traffic use! Preserve that beautiful paint job you just created!

Dries clear, water based, brush on in light coats. Dries usually within the hour.

Open can and stir contents well. Our rich water based, low VOC topcoat is used to seal your paint projects. After painting with Junk Monkey Monkey paints, wait 24 hours and then use BANANA PEEL to help protect your work. Apply with sprayer, brush or roller on dry paint. Use light coats for best results. You may lightly sand between coats for a more professional finish. Allow finished piece to fully dry & cure before use. Made in the USA. Can coverage approx 45 sq feet.

SUMMARY Of Best Tips:

Use a soft and flowy brush. Find our favorite here on the website.
Apply long brush strokes, verus short strokes
Light EVEN coats are better than heavy ones. Too much applied poly at once can create a foggy effect in your finish.
After you apply a light coat, don't continuously keep brushing back over it as it is setting up (this will create an uneven finish), allow it time to dry, then apply second coat. Apply and keep moving forward.
You can do a light sand in between coats for a more professional finish.
Advanced Tip: Drop a little of your paint into your banana peel poly to tint it. (then when you put your strokes down, it blends nicely with your paint color)
Always stir your poly really well, with a stir stick to get it all combined.

Please reach out at any time for assistance as you are working on your projects. We will do our best to help and provide guidance.

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