Junk Monkey Chalky Paint Sample Card

**We recommend you purchase this sample card as an add-on to your upcoming order to help you save shipping costs.

Yayy! Yes someone loves you enough to open 25 cans of our Junk Monkey Chalky Paint and give you a real actual paint sample of each.

Next order, add one of these on and keep it part of your Junk Monkey paint library to look at & figure out your next color to grab!

On this sample card you will find dry paint swatches of our Junk Monkey Chalky Paint colors.

A bingo card of sorts to add to your collection that will help you pick your favorite colors and let you see the paint colors first hand.

Tip: Head over to "Junk Monkey Paint Projects" on Facebook and post that you are looking to see what projects have been done in a specific color! You just might be surprised how many of our #bananabunch will help you out and post their pictures of completed projects!

As always, if you have any questions, please message us BEFORE you place your paint order so we can help you pick best products and colors. All sales are final given the nature of our paint products. If there is ever a problem with your product, by all means please reach out to us immediately upon receiving your paint at junkmonkeypaint@gmail.com so we can assist.

*This is a picture of the card that you will receive. Colors may slightly appear different in person than what you are viewing online.

Thanks so much! Have fun painting! xo Sonia

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