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(Paper Copy) Junk Monkey Milk & Chalky Paints Sample Card

Yes, tell me when it's back so I don't miss out!

*Colors on sample swatch card are digitally represented and approximate. We do our very best possible to represent paint colors for you. True paint color may look different depending on lighting and the surface it is used on. Electronic devices may also display & print colors differently.

On this single (dual sided) sample card you will find computer printed swatches of our Junk Monkey Chalky & Milk Paint colors. See front and back of this card shown in attached photo. 

This is a physical card (2-sided) that will be mailed to you. 

(*Note: 3 newest colors that just came out-Ducky, Rock Lobster & Greige Anatomy- have not been added to the card just yet. This card shows 51 of our colors).

You are purchasing one color paper sample card. Size is 5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches high. It is dual sided. The chalky paint colors represented on one side, and the milk paint colors are represented on the other side. We will physically put it in an envelope and mail it to your address given at checkout.

***If you choose the electronic option: There is no charge. It is free and will be sent directly to the email you use at checkout. Check your inbox to open and view it.

*Tip to help you pick the right color before you purchase paint: Head over to "Junk Monkey Paint Projects" on Facebook and post that you are looking to see what projects have been done in a specific Junk Monkey color. You just might be surprised how many of our #bananabunchfamily will help you out and post their pictures of completed projects. This will help you figure out if a color is right for you, seeing it used on different projects. We have over 8000+ happy painters in that group who can help.

As always, if you have any questions, please message us BEFORE you place your paint order so we can help you pick best products and colors for your projects. We want you to be happy & confident with your paint selection. All sales are final given the nature of our paint products. If there is ever a problem with your product, by all means please reach out to us immediately upon receiving your paint at junkmonkeypaint@gmail.com so we can promptly assist you.

Thanks so much! Have fun painting! xo Sonia

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