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Junk Monkey Apron

Look cute while you paint! Let Pickles the Junk Monkey keep you company, and protected from paint splatters while you DIY and go bananas!

This is the perfect length apron for a DIY-er! Great for the painter who likes to move around and not feel constrained by a long fabric layer that sticks to your legs!

Two big front pockets to hold sanding blocks, dry glaze rags, screws from hardware, lip balm and so much more!

We make our distressed style Junk Monkey LOGO in various colors! (Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, etc!) We will pick a surprise color for you to add to your collection! (See examples of fun colors in the photos listed!) 

~ Sonia xo

(100% Cotton Canvas. Natural Canvas Color. LOGO on apron comes in various colors, receive a surprise color on yours! (May be any color such as mentioned above!) Two pocket Apron. Size 20" x 24".)

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