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Sonia's Favorite Things

Hey! Did you see me use something recently that you loved! I get so many questions about where I find my tools, stencils and all sorts of things! I decided to put them all in one place to help you find them! These are my favorite things! Check back as I update this list!:)

Note: These are all my affiliate links and may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, thank you for supporting my chai tea habit! Happy painting friends xo Sonia


 ---MOST ASKED!! Where do you get the amazingggg big book you STORE STENCILS in?

Right here:


---Where is Sonia getting her stencils?

Use my link here and get free shipping when you buy $30 worth:


---Where did Sonia get those super cute unicorn headphones?

Love these! Grab a set for yourself or a friend here:


---What's that paint tool Sonia uses when she scrapbooks to spread paint on paper? 

Find a brayer tool similar to Sonia's here, and pick your size:


---What's the journal Sonia uses?

I positively love this journal here, you've been seeing me paint and stick photos and create my "smashbook" in this one! I highly recommend!


---What's the best cleaner to prep before I paint?

Well, here is my favorite version of a product I alwayysssssss use:

 And we now offer it on our website in small mini sizes (yay! enough for a few furniture cleaning projects). Get it here.


---OK, I want that fancy glue gun you use too! Where can I find it?

Get the same glue gun Sonia uses here:


---I wanna get a set of those artist brushes that Sonia uses for smaller painting projects (like her shabby roses)...which kind are they?

Grab a set of your own right here:


---I need the same STAPLE GUN as you! Which one do you have?

Yup, easy to use, love a manual one versus the automatic ones. Get the very same on I have here. I love it!


---What's the brush you recommend to paint with & poly too, when i'm working on furniture??

Get one of these to PAINT WITH & one to POLY WITH! You will love the thickness, style and easy flow of this brush. Find it here.


---I want to redo my furniture hardware/handles, what's that paint & primer in one you use again??!

---So you've seen me use a wood graining tool! Here's one I recommend to get a look similar to mine!


 ---I want a heat gun too! Which one should I get?

Get a heat gun like Sonia’s here:


---I've seen you use small 'blending brushes' for when you add highlighting or antiquing, (seen used for the mermaid blend) which ones are they?

Here's the link for the blending brushes I've fallen in love with:


---I want that colorful roll up Egyptian brush holder/POUCH that you use for your smaller art brushes! Where do I find it?


 ---What water based poly do you recommend for a sealer?

Get our awesome water based poly that Sonia is using for a sealer (when not using Monkey Shine) here:


---What is the painters tarp Sonia uses to lay down under furniture or paint projects to help avoid paint everywhere?

A nice quality tarp is better than any plastic! Get one like I use over my floor on a table here.


---What color wheel is it that Sonia uses, and shows us how to mix custom colors with?

This is an amazing tool for every painter:


---What is the kind of shimmer, metallic paint that Sonia uses on her rustic glam furniture pieces--the shade that she says is the perfect blend of silver and gold?

Right here! Rather than have every metallic color under and sun, this is the perfect champagne shade here.  


---Wanna sign up & use Sonia's referral link for a monthly Ipsy Makeup Bag? See her open them on her YouTube VLOG! Get it here.


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