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Coaching Videos July & August 2018

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Hi Creative Friends! Thank you for in my special monthly coaching program where we talk business strategy AND keep the creative juices flowing. 

Here are your July & August links to revisit & review at your personal convenience: (per my post, watch as they all get put here, there are more downloading/uploading as I type...many more xo Sonia)


June 25 - Marketing To Stay Alive

Password: marketing101


***July 9 - Paint Parties Part 1

Password: pparty1


*** July 2 - Mindset: Business Lessons

Password: business8


***July 10 - Paint Parties Part 2

Password: pparty2 


***July 13 - Paint - Stencils, Glaze and Design

Password: design1

***July 16 - Coaching: Motivation/Mindset

Password: motivation3


***July 17 - Manychat 101

Password: manychat101


 ***July 20 - Coaching: Travel Thoughts and Small Beginnings

Password: jo4


***July 20 - Paint Session/Vintage Glass

#coaching It's paint Friday! Today I have a special tutorial for you on how I cheat to make vintage style glass to include in my painted furniture! We often find pieces that have glass inserts! Try this for a different look! xo Sonia…/creating-vintage-glass-look

***July 23 - Being Money Savvy In Business

Password: money2

***July 26 - Coaching: Get Your Facebook Numbers Up

Password: numbers5

 **July 27 - Paint Sessions: Think Outside the box/patterns

Password: patterns3

 ***July 30 - Coaching: Get This One Thing Nailed Down

Password: product5

***August 2 - Q&A Weekly Chat

password: questions4


 ***August 03 - Paint Session: How To Brushed Metallic

Password: brushed5


***August 06 - Talking Subscription Groups

Password: subscription3

 ***August 8  - Book Club & Questions

Password: bookquestions

***August 10 - Paint Session: Repurposed Mag Rack

Password: repurpose2


 ***August 14 - Why You Want To Collect Emails

Password: email9


**August 15 - Q& A Plus Book Club Chat

Password: book2


 ***August 17 - Paint Session: Intuitive Art/Layering

Password: layers7


***August 21 - Mailchimp Chat

Password: mailchimp2


***August 22 - Q&A/Plus Book Club Chat

Password: QA4BOOK


***August 24 - Paint Session: Get Pottery Inspired Look

 Password: potterylook1


***August 27  - Opt-in Chat With Expert Ashley/Part One

Password: opt2


You can also find me over at + 


August 31 - To Be Inserted Once Completed


 xo Sonia

Copyright Junk Monkey Paint Company, 2018. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, share or use as your own. Email with any questions.