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6-Week Creative Bootcamp - How To Grow Your Business Online

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Hi Creative Friends! Thank you for participating in my special coaching program. I hope this online 6-week creative bootcamp has opened your mind to think about all the possibilities, directions, how-to and why's behind  doing important things in business. It is putting these things into place that has helped me take my hobby from my garage to a flourishing well known & loved brand. Always lead with your heart...follow your passions, be consistent, be you & always have a willingness to evolve, grow & change. Most of all have fun! That's all part of it!:) Sonia xo

Here are your links to revisit & review at your convenience. (Copyright Junk Monkey Paint Companyc 2018. Do not copy, share or use as your own.):

Week One:

▶️Week One/Session One: Laying The Foundation For Your Business
Video Link:
Video Password: bootcamp1

 ▶️Bootcamp Week One/Session Two: Mindset & More

Video Link:
Video Password: mindset123

▶️Bootcamp Week One/Session Three: Coaching On The Topic of Taxes & The Smart Small Biz Set-up! Debbie "The Spunky Accountant" talks on the topic of business basics! (FORWARD VIDEO TO time of 6:30 to start of discussion)

Video Link:

Video Password: smartbiz6

Week Two:

▶️Bootcamp Week Two/Session One: The Why Behind Social Media & How It Can Fuel Your Business Forward
🔷Video Link:
🔷Video Password: socialmedia12


▶️Bootcamp Week Two/Session Two: Talking with a social media guru♦️Setting Up A Facebook Page Properly♦️ & ♦️How To Run Your Very First Facebook Ads♦️

Video Link:

Video Password: facebook101


▶️Bootcamp Week Two/Session Three: DO This on Facebook, DON'T Do This. 
Video Link:
Video Password: facebookcontent74


Week Three:

🔴 Bootcamp Week Three: Session One
🔸Talking Websites—the why & strategy behind it.
🔹Video Link:


▶️ Bootcamp Week Three: Session Two. Topic: Want to be successful on Etsy? Do these top ten things. Learn from a 6 FIGURE earner! Meet Kendra.
🔷Video Link:
🔷Video Password: etsy2


 ▶️Creative Bootcamp: Week Three: Session Three. ~~Making Money Thru The Combination of a Website, A Blog, Affiliate’s & Even Etsy!~~
🔹Video Link:
🔹Video Password: blog55

Week Four:

 🔹Bootcamp Week Four: Session One: Let's talk Etsy Set-Up With Lauren Simmons of BeautifulMesh! She's an amazing Etsy Coach! If you need an e-commerce selling platform, listen to what she’s says about getting properly set up for success!

Video Link:

Video Password: etsyhowto

 🔹Bootcamp Week Four/ Session 2: In this video let’s talk having the basics in place...the essential gear & tools to run your business. Stay tuned for a special part 2, tomorrow🎥 Enjoy!

🔸Video Link:
🔸Video Password: tools11


🔹***BONUS VIDEO/Week Four/Session 3: 🌟🌟Editing Made Easy! —All From Your Phone!—🌟🌟 **

🔹Video Link: 

🔹Video Password: edit75 


 🔹Bootcamp Week Four: Session Four—-How To Do Instagram The Right Way. We talk to a social media expert about how to be strategic.

🔸Video Link:
🔸Video Password: insta9


Week Five:

 🔹Bootcamp Week Five: Session One....Take a listen to me talk on shipping smaller items. This was a game changer for my business. (*Tomorrow you will hear from a furniture shipper who deals with shipping BIG items). 
🔸Video Link:
🔸Video Password: shippingstarteasy


🔹Bootcamp Week Five: Session Two
Shipping BIG items, listen in to Jenni Ingram of ‘Roots and Wings Furniture’ talk about how she sells big pieces al over the country. She started her business from home.
🔸Get her E-Book “The Complete Guide To Shipping Furniture” on her website here:
🔹Video Link:
🔹Video Password: ship98


🔹Bootcamp Week Five: Session Three
—Make beautiful visual graphics with this tool! Let's talk to a guru about the most popular editing site creatives!
🔸Video Link:
🔸Video Password: canva5


Week Six:

 🔹Bootcamp Week Six: Session One—Talking How To Do Facebook Lives The Right Way
Video Link:
Video Password: facebook7


🔹Bootcamp Week Six: Session Two—How To Gain Followers, Make Money, & Use Pinterest in your Business.
🔸Video Link:
🔸Video Password: pinterest3


 🔹Bootcamp Week 6: Session Three
Congrats on reaching the end of or Bootcamp! Let's wrap up and chat about FOCUS in your business & more--including YouTube.
🔹Video Link:
🔹Video Password: focus1

(Copyright Junk Monkey Paint Company, 2018. All Right Reserved. Do not copy, share or use as your own)