Who Says You Can't Turn Something Unwanted Into A Keeper?| Junk Monkey Midnight Blue

January 08, 2019

Who Says You Can't Turn Something Unwanted Into A Keeper?| Junk Monkey Midnight Blue

Ever hear that saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"?

It's kinda like flipping furniture...who says you can't turn something unwanted, tired, ugly, depressed and sad into something beautiful, fun, wanted and loved!

I held a furniture swap a few years back at my shop. The deal was, leave a piece, take a piece.

I put a few pieces out to get the pile started.

At the end of the day, this record cabinet was left. And there were no takers. Just the giver who was tired of it and ready to pass it on to someone else.

junk monkey paint before photo

Someone at one point has put a cream paint on it. Definitely looking dirty and used at this point.

But it's a pretty little stand. Solid wood and housed records at one time. We figure it to be around 1940's in age.

I love to repurpose and reuse old furniture for new things (teach it new tricks), could you see it as towel storage, or baskets in it to hold pretties?

Either way, I knew it had potential.

So I sent out to paint it. The power of paint baby! Junk Monkey Paint to the rescue! Because it sticks to pretty much anything under the sun, I didn't mind the previous paint job. In fact, I decided to work with it!

So I taped it off (making use of the existing cream color) and then applied a nice layer of Junk Monkey Paint Midnight Blue to it.

I did all of this on video LIVE, so I recorded it and left it below if you want to see all the steps.

I added a nautical style stencil to it. After polling my audience they shared they could definitely see it with an anchor on it. Love that blue and cream together you?

Junk Monkey Paint Midnight Blue

As soon as my live broadcast ended, I received a text from someone asking to buy it! Sold! Just like that! This piece that was left behind, now has a new loving home.

The new owner just bought a record player! It will be used to hold records, which was its intended purpose. Pretty cool huh?

What would you have used it for?

Here's the video below to see it all go down step by step! 

Shabby Love,

Sonia Miller xo

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