Flipping An Old To Desk Weathered Style

January 01, 2018

Flipping An Old To Desk Weathered Style

My lovely customer Jenny has been hunting for a new vanity. 

She pulled a roll top desk from her garage and decided to haul it to me to paint!

She made some good points about a lot vanities offering minimum storage and as a plus, decided with this style desk she could close it and hide her mess! :) Brilliant!!

I love a good re-purpose project! So I said YES! Let's flip this desk! Here's how it came to me...

Wood grain galore, shiny shellac and brass knobs. Ewwww.

But solid wood---yay for PoTENTiaL!! Let's turn this brownie frownie piece around!

So after whipping up a brand new Junk Monkey custom color for this project--that we affectionately call 50th Shade of Grey...and joining it with our Junk Monkey color called Paris Grey this was the shabby romantic result...

P.S. How did I get this effect? I did my signature move of blending two colors together on my shabby brush.. (Be sure to watch my video here on YouTube if you want to see this effect in action!) 

The colors marry up perfectly!

Light distressing for a polished shabby modern look! No more dark yucky outdated wood grain.

Changed out the top round brass knobs with new crystal style ones and updated the brass hardware to a soft metallic grey. 

Jenny is over the moon with the results! Great bones, tons of storage for her cosmetics and shabby beautiful! Does it get any better??! 

You know you can do this too right? Get the paints here.

The lesson in this? Can't find the perfect piece of furniture for you?! Improvise like Jenny! And make it yours!

Shabby love,

Sonia xo

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