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Painting Metal Finds With Junk Monkey Paint

January 06, 2019

Painting Metal Finds With Junk Monkey Paint

I love to junk.

I always have ideas.

The last thing I want to worry about is will my paint stick.

Just let me be creative and get on with the show.

I gotta get these ideas out of my head! Now! Cause yes, i'm impatient. I'm that let's do it now person.

On night two of my paint a piece of furniture a day challenge, I painted this old chair and milk can.

One was made of wood and a plastic vinyl, the other metal.

Here's the before of the chair that I scored for free.

junk monkey paint chair before

And here's the picture of the metal milk can that Matt scored at our local Goodwill for only 14.99 (yup! he's a keeper finding all that good junk for me!)

Thank you to my banana bunch friend Kristy R for snapping this before shot for me. Yup, I started before taking an actually photo. Impatience much? See.

sonia miller junk monkey paint how to paint a metal milk can

This was actually a sticker over the front of this can. And someone (maybe related to "The Taylors") had painted their name and other designs on it.

Who cares tho right?

She got great bones. We can make her classy and classic again.

Enter Junk Monkey Paint. Sticks to pretty much anything under the sun. Ready to see the transformation?

junk monkey paint smokey coal vintage white how to paint metal milk can

Smokey Coal (in our chalky style paint) to the rescue. Can you see that it is a brown grey color? Perfect grey to match up with browns in your home.

And then some timeless Vintage White (chalky style paint) added to compliment it!

So easy!

Watch both pieces get transformed with paint LIVE below!

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Shabby Love,

Sonia xo



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