Never Overlook An Ugly Nightstand

January 06, 2018

Never Overlook An Ugly Nightstand

Ugly often means CHEAPPPPP in my world! It's those pieces that a seller knows are god awful ugly and they just want  rid of! Heck sometimes they are so sick of looking at a piece, they will practically give it away!


Scoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *Happy Dance!* Designing on a dime is my mission in life! I get my kicks giving new life to old furniture daily!


Case in point this nightstand. How many of you would want to buy it like this? If I didn't know what to do with it, I would have kept walking and left this guy crying in the thrift shop corner. Decide on a vision & roll with it!



Outdated, boring brown, scratches, a top "shelf part" that was half fallen off, peeling veneer and hardware that was worn and dull. I could go on, but i'll stop there.


But on the plus side, it was solid wood, offered not one, not two, but THREE drawers of storage (all of which worked perfectly!), all hardware was in place, and it was the perfect height for what my customer needed. In my mind, the postives outweighed the negatives - all of which could be fixed!


First step, taking off that hideous top part--what was that even used for? All I knew was it had to go. Uglyyy!

 That part of ripping off the top was already making a difference. Now I had the bones to work with. And strong bones they were. Another one of the postives of this piece was that it was strong and sturdy!


I started with wood filler and putty knife to begin to fill in the missing veneer. Just like frosting a cake!


 After giving it a good 24 hours to dry, now was time to sand the piece! My electric sander allowed me to sand off any loose veneer and sand down the putty to be level with the existing wood! Wear a mask while doing this & be sure to give it a good dust!


And now we're closing in on the home run! Finally time to begin my favorite part - the painting and distressing!


I make my own line of chalky paint called "Junk Monkey Paint". Shook up a jar of our "Lime Soda" and prepared to give this nightstand a new lease on life! Antiqued the hardware in a chalky black and the combo came together out of this world!


Shabby distressed is perfect for furniture that might not be "perfect"...maybe it shows wear and tear, scratches, divets and things that can't be repaired with wood filler. It all comes together to add to the character/look of what you are trying to achieve! You do want it to look old & worn afterall!


From boring brown to vibrant smiling green! Customer was thrilled & so was I! What a great transformation! Glad I didn't overlook this ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful shabby swan after all!

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