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Moldy & Oldie But Goodie!

January 08, 2018

Moldy & Oldie But Goodie!

Mold, check.

Worn, check.

Outdated, check.


I could go on....but a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look for yourself!





 I LOVE to transform pieces of furniture that would otherwise be written off or tossed out! So when lovely customer Alyson reached out having this piece redone in our Junk Monkey Paint - I had to say YES!


Yes! Yes! Yes!


Bring it on! After all, it was..


Special, check.

Belonged to a loved one, check.

Had good bones, check.


And ta-daaaa here is the new look!


This project was completed with the following Junk Monkey Paint colors: Vintage White, Sandy Tan Toes, and Antique Lace to get the perfect warm blend!


This credenza came from her grandmother's house. It's a functional piece of furniture. Now it reflects Alyson's personality, but is a beautiful way to keep a piece of her Nan with her--in her own home to admire & love. She writes: "OMG!! I love it!!! That's amazing!"


Another happy customer, now I'm off to find the next piece of furniture needing some help! Stay tuned!:) 


Shabby love, 

Sonia xo


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