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How To Make A Tray Out Of A Picture Frame

September 17, 2018

How To Make A Tray Out Of A Picture Frame

I like to surround myself with cute stuff. What can I say?

It doesn't have to be expensive, just cute...and makes me happy to see it.

I believe you should decorate with what gives you energy. Good energy. And you shouldn't have to lose sleep over what you paid for it.

I enjoy decorating in layers. It makes your space warm and creates a space that is interesting. Now bring in some color and you have a beautiful recipe for evert 'shabby collected' lovers dream.

I love collecting planters and mugs and fun stuff for my art supplies, and decided to create a tray to place them on today!

You really can pick any color and any size imaginable. You get to pick that part. But here are the easy steps!

First of all, I give you permission to dig out a frame out of the basement you planned to give away or toss. Yup, go get it..even if the hubby says, I thought you were giving that away? :0  (*change of plans babe!)

Or...head out for some junkin' therapy...and spend all of 2.99 on an outdated picture frame that no one wants anymore.

make tray out of picture frame

Yup, 2.99...break the bank right? Love flipping these! Just pick a size...anything from small to bigger! Remember, this could not only be a tray...it could be wall decor....or something smaller for your bathroom soap dispenser...or a place for your cell phone to lay on a table..or your keys....what else can you think of?

make with a picture frame 2


So here's where I grab into my stash of Junk Monkey Paint...time to get creative and figure out what color I want to use...

I'm at this point deciding to pull a color that will match the fabric i'm going to use.

Remember this Junk Monkey Paint sticks to pretty much everything under the sun. No you won't have to prime, strip or sand your decor.

Fun Note: I did a video as I created this project! Want to see it in a time lapse to really understand the steps? Watch it here.

And yes, I will be painting the glass insert and the frame itself.

flip a picture frame 3

I found this sticky fabric at Micheals. It came in three designs in the pack. And better yet, I found it on sale! Yayyyyy! I bought a few packs not knowing what i'd use it for. You can stick it on, peel it off...do what you want..and reposition it later.

Side note......Anyone else like that? Just see something good on sale and be like 'yup, i should grab a few'.....knowing the ideas will come later!

how to flip a frame 5

I really liked these two designs...and ended up going with the one to the right...with the pink in it.

Remember those colors I pulled? Sunshine Yellow, Teal River, Don't Make Me Blush and Misty Aqua? Any of them would have worked. But I decided pink would be cute....and cute is what I was going for remember. The cute, make me smile kinda look!

shabby chip brush

So now to my paint brush......you know i'm gonna go for one of my shabby chip brushes....cause I love me some time worn, shabby lovin' fun! This brush does the job EVERY SINGLE TIME!

don't make me blush

Can you say shabby yummy?

So at this point i've gone over the frame and glass with Don't Make Me Blush Junk Monkey Paint (sticks to glass, metal, wood, fake wood etc). 

Next up I cute a piece of that stick fabric (that you can reposition and move anywhere). I applied it to the center of the frame, the part with the glass and covered it completely.

Here you can grab a sandblock and do some extra distressing if you want...and of course, you always want to do some right? We can't be friends if you don't. Just sayin' ;)

Next up I waxed with Junk Monkey Monkeyshine All Natural Beewax Oil Polish and then buffed it off with a white buffing rag. (I used this special brush here to apply the wax...as I do with all furniture).

And drum rolllllll please.....we are done!

flip a picture frame to a beautiful tray

This could hang as decor on a wall...do a few together like a set! So beautiful....or in my case...add it to my desk as a tray to hold my fun art supplies....

junk monkey paint use an old picture frame

Pretty cool right? I love it. And that's what's most important. Like I said in the beginning, your space should be yours, not what someone else tells you it should be!

Go create! Go Paint! And Most of All Have fun doing it!

Shabby love,

Sonia xo

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