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How To Glam Up Your Furniture

September 18, 2018

How To Glam Up Your Furniture

So I love a little bling, bling, you?

A little sparkle...a little shimmer...and yes my boho jewelry included!

I've always loved big rings, colorful happy clothes and a little glam.

Sometimes your furniture calls for a little something special.

Something that takes it over the top.

Sometimes it doesn't have to be one color and distressed. Rather, sometimes it calls for a special treatment.

Enter, what I call rustic glam!

Take these corbels I did as an example in the last 24 hours. They didn't start this way. Rather they looked like this.

how to paint your corbels

So they may look like concrete, but really they are plastic. Yup, cheap plastic that came from a dollar store in Canada. My sister gifted them to me from her yard sale boxes.

This DIY is proof that you don't need to start out with expensive furniture to get a beautiful antiqued glam look. Just amazing paint and some vision!

Heck, this one even is missing a part. See, cracked plastic. No worries though, I put a little piece of blue painters tape over it and went to town. Who's gonna notice? Hello...we are going for time worn anyway aren't we?

how to paint glam furniture

So every shabby, rustic, time worn painter (call it what you want), should have a good true black and brown in their paint stash.

For me, I will paint with Junk Monkey Black Velvet and Junk Monkey Candy Bar Brown till the cows come home. These are the perfect colors if you love faux painting in this style. (They also work great with barnwood effects, etc! I swear the perfect flat matte colors to make things look old!)

It also sticks to pretty much everything under the sun, so i'm not worried if it will adher to this material (even the tape). Just grab and brush and go bananas!

So for this project i'm grabbing my favorite shabby chip brush. Yes, I use them over and over again. Junk Monkey Paints are water based so I can clean them to use over and over again.

junk monkey shabby chip brush

And yup, that's my favorite heat gun to speed up the process when I need too. No fun in watching paint dry right? See all my favorite shabby painter tools here.

So I'll need three brushes. One for each color (or wash in between).

junk monkey paint shabby chip brush

***Fun Note: I did this project live on our Facebook page. You can watch it all go down real time right here.  Come say hi!

Now it's time to grab the paint. I'm going to lay down one layer over these corbels with Junk Monkey Black Velvet Paint.

Next, I do the same process with Junk Monkey Bahama Jade Paint.

Let them dry in between.

(See it on the video in person--and remember you can change up the colors to fit your decor!)

junk monkey paint

Once you have dry brushed one layer of each over your decor, then its time to finish off with a little bling bling. This is the part that sends it over the top!

You've got the flat matte look in all the crevices, nooks and crannies. And now do a final brush over (using that shabby chip brush) with this.

junk monkey glam furniture

It's Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents that I found at Lowes (not sure if they still carry it so I'm giving you my affiliate link for it on Amazon Prime. Yes, order in your pajamas and have it in two shakes of a lambs tail).

But here's the best tip! When choosing what metallic shade to add to your stash (gold? bronze? silver? copper? platinum?) consider this: CHAMPAGNE sheen is the color that transcends and fits with so much! It blends with silver or gold. It's the in between color for people who can't pick which one to go with! It's a chameleon in the world of metallics. So if you are on a budget, just go with this sheen! Thank me later! And yes you are welcome!

 And ready to see the finished product? (Remember you can watch it live and not miss a beat.)

junk monkey glam furniture

See how a little of the Bahama Jade and Black Velvet peak through? Gorgeous huh? take this technique and do it on your furniture...your doors...your decor...your planters....your desk....anything that you want!

P.S. If you are using this technique on a piece of furniture that will get a lot of use. Grab our Banana Peel Poly to preserve all your hard work and protect your finished piece! 

Shabby love,


*See what i'm up to daily here (always something fun happening!):


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