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How I Transformed My Ugly Bathroom For $39

January 08, 2018

How I Transformed My Ugly Bathroom For $39

Yes, true story.


Husband went to work. I went to work on our bathroom. $39 later and lots of elbow grease, it was a total transformation!


Where there's a will, there's a way. And when this girl gets something in her head, well, it gets done! Maybe it's the Capricorn in me, maybe its the fact that I just wanted a whole new look in my bathroom sooo bad!


With little in my budget, I begin thinking about ideas to cover the hard plastic linoleum paneling with light purple flowers on it, leftover from the previous owners. 


Here's an idea of what it looked like below. In my rush and excitement to hide the hideous outdated wood paneling, I forgot to take a before photo. But this is an idea of the look, white with strips of lilac flowers all over. (Online photo)

 Yup, so over it. Ugh. So I got the idea of a scrap wood wall. I always loved to paint. Figured I could find free wood and combine my love of colors! 


Started my search on local STW's sites, pretty much said that I was looking for free scrap trim wood and I was willing to haul it away. There's always someone looking to make more space & clean-out! And before you know it, that day, I had a few local residents message me. Some trim was stored inside, other pieces were exposed to the weather. No problem! I planned to dry and clean it all anyway! And I love the natural weathered look!


Husband helped me load and haul it all back to our house. Thank the stars for supportive spouses! At this point, he doesn't question my motives, he knows to let me work my magic and just go with the flow! He's along for the crazy ride in my junkin' travels! Shakes his head, puts on the work gloves and says let's just get this done!


I left all the pieces out to dry in the sunshine to air out over a few days.

 Next step: Clean em' up! Bleached and hand washed each piece.


Again let them dry fully for a few days before I was ready for the color step! Leaned them up against my picnic table and garage to return to later.


As for the paint, I knew I didn't need to spend a fortune, after all, my plan was to splash paint on the old wood and then take my mouse sander & get as much OFF as I could! So I went to my local hardware store and picked up 4 paint samples in colors I loved. They were $3 each. And would do perfectly for the job! A green teal, brown, white and tan. All the colors in my new shower curtain (I saw and fell in loveeeee with for $7! Clearance rack babyyyyyy! Design on a dime!)


I cut each piece of the wood with my miter saw. Staggered the random lengths and colors. The process was: measure, cut and nail it with a good ol' fashioned hammer RIGHT OVER the ugly paneling. I wanted the nail head rustic look. Picked up a box of them for $4 and went to town! The more excited I got with every square inch in coverage, the faster I worked.


So fast that by the time the hubby came home from work, it was done! COMPLETELY! Even added a brush of water based sealer to finish off the masterpiece.


Here is the result! *drum rolllllllllll please*...

 Here's that shower curtain! Tip: Pick a fabric you love first and create your room around it!



I now LoVeeee my bathroom. It's fun to continue to junk, A.K.A treasure hunt, to accessorize it. Here's the breakdown:


Salvaged trim  FREE

Shower Curtain  $7

4 Paint Samples $12

Box of nails $4

Water based sealer $16


Total: $39!!!


Never let budget hold you back. Use your imagination and create a one-of-a-kind look today! Afterall, YOU are one-of-a-kind!


Shabby love,

Sonia xo


P.S. Check out my weekly classes here if you would like to learn some shabby paint techniques! Follow me daily on Facebook to see what i'm up to everyday!

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