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Got Lemons? Make A Lemonade Set!

January 08, 2018

Got Lemons? Make A Lemonade Set!

We find chairs that don't have a table. We find tables that don't have chairs.


No biggie. Put them together anyway. Just watch this week's transformation of a set I affectionately called the "Lemonade Set".... you'll see why... :)


So these four 1950's chairs - came used, worn, tired but solid wood & strong! Immediately a pop of our Sunshine Yellow  Junk Monkey Paint gave them a whole new glow!  

 Check out my "office"..... can't beat painting outside under the shade of a big tree right next to our shabby shop. (Read my story here of leaving behind a corporate desk & designing a life of my dreams! I didn't always have this view, trust me!).


Next up, a table that arrived on another day at the shabby shop, alone, forgotten, dirty and blaaaaa looking. **Insert sad face here* But on a positive note is is made of solid wood, handmade & super duper sturdy.


No problem, let's paint and distress in some Smokey Coal  Junk Monkey Paint. Remember, no priming, sanding, stripping needed. Just a good cleaning was in order. Then grab a brush and go bananas!


And voila!

 Maybe I was thinking yellow...lemons....lemonade as this set was being transformed. It's been hot here in the Laurel Highlands of PA this week. A iced pitcher of lemonade would be fitting! 


 This set is up for grabs (as of the writing of this post), solid wood chairs and table, $165 for the set. Sealed and ready for you to set the table & serve a cold beverage & treats! Please invite me over! I hear it's gonna be a hot week ahead! ;)


Remember, when life gives you lemons (or mismatched furniture)--make lemonade!


Shabby love,

Sonia Xo