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Give A Rustic Look To Your Breadbox

September 20, 2018

Give A Rustic Look To Your Breadbox

*This blog post contains affiliate links to supplies I used in this project. Enjoy & be sure to share your Junk Monkey painted projects here! xo Sonia

Sometimes it's the smallest change in a room that can make a big impact.

It doesn't have to be bigger, time consuming projects---like walls and floors and cabinets.

How about a new painting on the wall....or taking your bread box from brownie frownie to shabby, rustic gorgeous?

You can't tell me that your head wouldn't turn twice if you saw this yummy breadbox sitting on someone's counter!

I'd be like "that is sooo cool! I love it!"

I bet right now you have things around your home that you are over. That you just don't want anymore. You want new stuff. Right?

Have you ever considered just painting it?

Look at this project. The bread box is functional and you need it, but you hate how it looks. (Someone actually donated this project to me! Found it on my shop doorstep! No nothing. Just screaming to be painted! Whohooooooo! Pure golddddddddddddddd! *insert happy dance*)

before photo of bread box

Have you seen one of these? Do you own one? Or passed one at the local thrift store recently?

Let me know you what it could become through the power of paint!

So first up I clean it. Don't know where it came from right?

krud kutter cleaner

I use Krud Kutter to clean EVERYTHING. It does the job perfectly and doesn't leave an oily residue. You never want to use a clean your projects you are about to paint with anything that will resist your paint. Otherwise you will probably  be banging your head later. So spray this on and then wipe off clean with a lint free cloth. Here is my affiliate link to grab some here.

Since i'm going for shabby, distressed, time worn and rustic, you better believe I am reaching for my shabby chip brush. Best brush ever if you love and want to create an aged look. 

junk monkey shabby chip brush

And yes you can see, I use them over and over again! Because Junk Monkey Paint is water based, I can clean and keep on using them!

So the color i'm using is Junk Monkey Paint Red Apple.

junk monkey red apple paint

With Junk Monkey Paint I don't have to sand or strip or prime this piece. Just grab a brush and go bananas. Here's a view of me first starting!

(I get so excited when I first start adding paint to projects! It's like giving it new life and putting a smile on its face!)

junk monkey paint red apple project

NOTE: I painted this live on our Facebook page! Go here to watch this project go down real time! Plus you'll hear me really talk through all the steps and supplies too!

You can do one or two coats, just cover that brown as much as you want! 

Now let's add some personality, a stencil!!

And in going rustic, I think a rooster would be perfect don't you?

I purchased this rooster at Hobby Lobby for 2.99!

rooster stencil and stencil storage book

You'll see that I also ended up using a small part of another stencil I had to add a little design to another corner of it too. Think about just using parts of other stencils too! You don't always have to use the full design!

Note: I LOVE LOVE LOVE to store all my stencils in this book. Grab one here and see all my favorite shabby painter tools here!

Rooster Stencil junk monkey paint

Use some painters tape to hold it in place while you add paint! Or like me, just use your fingers! 

Here i'm adding Junk Monkey Black Velvet Paint with a shabby chip brush. Use this paint and this brush gives my rooster an old distressed look. The consistency of this paint is perfect for stenciling as it helps you control bleed through (as it doesn't run everywhere!). If you ever need to thin it, you can do that too with a little water!

junk monkey black velvet paint

Turned out pretty cool right? yayyyy! Now you can distress with a sandblock. Here is where you can find the ones I use. Do some distressing around the edges and even over the rooster.

junk monkey paint sandblock

I've decided to use my Black Velvet paint to add some edging as well. We call this the eyeliner effect around these parts. (see the video if you want to watch it live)

This is a great way to give an antiqued look to your projects. Just hold your brush on an angle and allow some paint to catch on the edges.

junk monkey paint red apple

Ok, now we seal. 

Sealing is like taking the photo.

Get your piece looking the way you want. And now snap the camera to preserve the look!

I'm choosing to seal with Junk Monkey Monkeyshine today. It's an all natural beeswax oil finish.

junk monkey monkeyshine

Can you see the parts being done and what's left to do? What a difference right?? It really makes the paint pop! Yayyy!

After you have used your wax brush to apply the wax (in small circles all over), then take a buffing cloth to polish it and remove and excess oil left on your project. You project should feel dry and smooth when you are done buffing. Keep turning your cloth over and using a new dry section as you polish and do this step.

junk monkey wax brush and cloth and monkeyshine

OK....and she's ready for the big reveal. Bye bye brown and frumpy....and hello gawgeousssssssss!!!!

junk monkey red apple breadbox picture

So yeah. This would definitely make me do a second take. 

What are you waiting for?

Paint something today! You'll be so happy you did!

See all the fun Junk Monkey Paint colors here.

Shabby love,

Sonia xo


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