Federal Style Beautiful In Blue!

January 06, 2018

Federal Style Beautiful In Blue!

I never know the color I will paint a piece until I stop to actually paint it.


It's when I'm holding a paint brush in my hand, standing next to it, ready to grab a jar of Junk Monkey Paint off the shelf, that it comes to me. I see it in my mind's eye.


I imagine it's like cooking. My husband is a chef. When he does a taste test he knows immediately what it needs. It's a gut instinct that comes to you.


So when I was ready to paint this 1950's Federal Style buffet, I knew Blue Slate was the color for the job!


I loved the look of this piece when I scored it! And it came with this beautiful matching hutch with a single cathedral glass door! I knew I wanted to haul it back to the shop!



Ready for the after? *drum rollllllll* Check out the new do! What lovely curves! oh-la-la....




Blue Slate is a sophisticated blue/grey color....think denim jeans! Add some dark Junk Monkey antiquing glaze & you've got a shabby amazing look! And without any further delay, here it's beautiful partner!




A lot of times vintage matching sets like these can get separated! Anytime I see them together I love to grab them!


So much awesome storage & eye candy too!


Shabby Love,

Sonia xo

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