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Early 1900's: Shabby in Pink, Cream & Gold!

January 06, 2018

Early 1900's: Shabby in Pink, Cream & Gold!

When lovely client Billie brought me a bedroom set to paint, I knew it was special. Sooo special!


The bed frame was stunning. I have never seen one like it before! The antique hardware was all accounted for, in perfect shape & charming! The dresser & vanity were so pretty & even had scallop details. Oh. So. Pretty!


And to top it all off, it previously belonged to a loved one, now to be passed on to a little princess in the family.


It had seen years and years and years of use and life. It was time to give it's tired worn parts, a dose of life and vitality!


Here are the before pics..





Beautiful pieces right? So much potential! A revamp is just what the shabby doctor ordered! 


Hardware was antiqued in gold, and gold was carried throughout the headboard and foot-board. A very light pink was also added as  an accent color along with the primary Junk Monkey Paint Color of Antique Lace.


It. Turned. Out. So. Sweeeeeeeeet! Check it out now.....*drum rollllll please!*...




 The light cream and pale pink provides a nice clean, bright and traditional shabby look. The now gold toned hardware, and gold raised details on the headboard/footboard bring this set together to marry perfectly!


All that's left now is a sweet babe to enjoy it!


Shabby Love,