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Cute Spring Decor With Wreath

April 09, 2018

Cute Spring Decor With Wreath

Looking for a quick change in your space? What can you do on a budget that won't break the bank, looks beautiful and you can be proud of?

I'm a girl with a brain focused on bargains. I hate paying a ton for decor. Especially seasonal decor that I can only keep up for a small period of time.

I've been enjoying transforming old outdated picture frames from thrift stores for awhile now. And recently, I came across these wooden picture frames at Hobby Lobby.

They were priced at 9.99. But there is no way I'm gonna pay full price right! Especially knowing there is a 40% off coupon line on their site! (Yes, i've even been know to tell the hubby to get his phone ready to help a girl out!)

So do the math, i was taking this "photo frame" home for a bargain, but not planning to use it as a frame. 

Even thought its made of several different kinds of materials, I knew our Junk Monkey Paint would stick to it all. So I could make it beautiful!

In my mind, I pictured total coverage over it all, and using it as a backdrop to a wreath!

What color did I go with? 

Yup, sweet Misty Aqua! The nice thing about our paint is that you do not have to prime, or sand or strip! I literally took a brush and went bananas! 

Next up, I wanted to give some detail to all the edging that makes up the frame. I decided to whip up a dark black wax using Junk Monkey Milkshake Milk Paint powder and Monkey Shine. I just added the powder to the wax and stirred well. Boom! You can create all kinds of colors of waxs!

Just like dirt settles in creases and places like that. I took my black wax and brushed it on the project! Easy Peasy!

After working my way around the edging, I took one of buffing rags to really push it into the wood pores and give it an overall antiqued look! This process was very easy and made all the difference! If you love shabby, primitive, distressed, old, time worn, you will love adding a dark wax!

This project took all of 30 mins! And the next thing I had to do was just find a cute wreath that I wanted to display! Love me some cotton stem wreaths, and I think the white and brown goes so nice with the blue-green paint color! So pretty!

Junk Monkey Misty Aqua Spring Decor

And the best thing of all is I can change out that wreath for any season! What would you decorate yours with? Do you have a favorite style wreath? I'm also torn between cotton stems and pussy willows!

Happy Painting!

Sonia xo

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